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Iliatoras Photovoltaic IKE is a financially healthy company which is surrounded by experienced people who are young and willing to expand their horizons while having installed many MWs in different places, with various techniques and almost any kind of solar panels and inverters.

Our experience

We can propose you sollutions for your energy project having in mind cost effectiveness, long lifetime selection materials and maximum performance with safety and guarrantee. Based upon our concluded study, we implement, resolve, introduce and apply any kind of energy sollutions based upon your needs having as a result the outcome you are targeting even in the most complex automated parameters.

Investing in technology

Every year 14% of our profits is being reinvested in seminars, technical trainings and updates in everyone who is in the Iliatoras team

Some of our recent projects

Check some of our recent projects From small solar projects to hectars of complicated PV projects

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Our partners

Our partners are among the biggest companies in the globe and hence we can guarrantee for

he quality of all our materials.


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