Iliatoras Photovoltaik

The second best performance of all time was recorded in 2020 by the photovoltaic market, according to data from the Association of Companies in the industry (SEF).

Specifically, last year 780 systems were installed with a total capacity of 913 megawatts, raising the total installed capacity of photovoltaics in the country to 3,742 megawatts.

Historically, performance was highest only in 2013, when 1043 megawatt power plants were installed.

According to the same data:

– In 2020, the market for self-generating systems almost doubled compared to the previous year, nevertheless remaining at levels significantly lower than the country’s potential. More specifically, 17 MW of new systems with energy offset or virtual energy offset were installed, raising the total capacity of this category to 51 MW, with commercial systems covering more than 90% of this power and home systems lagging far behind.

– In the Year 2020 the photovoltaic market (inside a pandemic) 42,200 large-scale large-scale plots (direct, indirect and general) were generated.

-The energy efficiency of photovoltaics in Greece last year was set at 1,485 kilowatt hours per installed kilowatt.

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